gt winter series

5,3 km, 17 corners, the most expensive and biggest motorsport venue in Europe.

20/21 JAN 2020 circuito iberia 9km/E
GT Winter series (challenge)

9 km(!), 33 corners, the "Nordschleife of the south" close to Almería.

gt winter series (challenge)

9 km(!), 33 corners, the "Nordschleife of the south" close to Almería.

29/01 FEB/MAR 2020 ASCARI/E
gt winter series (challenge)

5,4 km, 26 corners, Europe´s most exclusive race resort close to Marbella / Malaga.

14/15 DEZ 2019 ASCARI/E
PRE-season kickoff

5,4 km, 26 corners, Europe´s most exclusive race resort close to Marbella / Malaga.

GT winter series

4,7 km, 16 corners, international racetrack with spectacular Layout, close to Faro.

23/24 JAN 2020 CIRCUITO do estoril/P
gt winter series

4,4 km, 13 corners, Ex-Formula 1 racetrack with fabulous Layout, close to Lisbon.

SEASON 2019/2020


GT Winter Series - Real racing in the best time of the year

The GT Winter series provides real racing for real racers - amateurs, semis and professionals.
In a season when most cars stand still and almost no wheels turn, you´ll drive at Spain´s and Portugal´s best locations.

During the events, consisting of 2 sprint races or 2 challenge runs, you´ll drive for the event´s race win, for championship points and for the entire championship.

Great Racing - budget preserving

The GT Winter Series provides multiple benefits. Accomplish real racing but at an affordable effort. All events take place in Spain and Portugal. With less than 3 hours flight time you´re ready to enjoy  Europe´s best places.

Combine your racing with sunny stays at the Algarve, Costa del Sol or vibrant cities of the iberian peninsula. We´re holding hotel contingents for you and are happy to assist you with your travel booking.

Besides this, all GT Winter Series events are integrated into the schedule of the well-established "Endless Summer®" trackdays. Undependant from the event you have the option of booking as much additional tracktime for training as you want.

GT Winter Series & GT Winter Challenge

All races of the GT Winter Series require the national licence level A and are events registered with the regional motorsport association. You may use the results to upgrade your national licence to international grade.

At the Challenge Events of the GT Winter Series we reserve exactly the same driving times for registered teams and drivers as at the races of the GT Winter Series. There is also a grid and the familiar procedures. However, the Challenge consists of exclusive driving times with a special evaluation, which has no racing character. For the Challenge the same points will be awarded in the overall standings as for the GT Winter Series races. Also the announced non-cash prizes of our partners will be awarded.


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